Station Maine is an organization of community members dedicated to offering boating opportunities at no cost to youth of all ages in the mid-coast Maine area.

Come to Oars
What if the dominant discourse on education is just wrong? What if the problem isn't that young people are lazy or irresponsible or addicted to their devices, or that schools aren't holding up their end? What if the problem is that youth are systematically being stripped of adventure or self-determination or of meaningful experience in general? These are the questions at the heart of Come to Oars, Station Maine's book about Experiential Education on the Coast of Maine.





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As Mainers , we actively learn and pass on the culture and skills that define the coast of Maine, including: boat building and maintenance, seamanship, navigation, marlinespike seamanship, sail making, song.

As a team, we organize and participate in boating races and contests locally and abroad, as well as expeditions to local islands and harbors.

As community members, we sustain community rows throughout the summer, and participate in local festivals and activities.

As global citizens, we participate in international rowing festivals and regattas, and involve international guests in expeditions and activities in our own region.

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Muriel Curtis, Director

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