Station Maine’s director Muriel Curtis was honored in February 2007 with the Knox Pomona Grange 
Award for Public Service in recognition of her commitment to and involvement with the community.  
On receiving the award she had this to say about the youth of today:

"I have a lot of faith in this next generation. I see in these kids the seeds of greatness. Seeds which need to be nurtured.

They inherit a world sorely in need of rebuilding. They are not shrinking from the task. Yet, to rebuild this world young people will need courage and daring and resourcefulness and openness. How can they find these qualities in themselves without our help?

You can't make a man out of a boy without risk.

You can never find courage in yourself until you've known danger.

You'll never know what you're really made of until you're pushed to the limit.

This world, this country, needs hundreds of thousands of small organizations making opportunities available to the next generation that will allow them to find within themselves the qualities that we so honor. Scouting, 4H, Campfire Girls, church groups, Station Maine, and many others are all helping this next generation to grow strong. We need so many more.

Our kids will have their day. I promise that they will do a better job than we ever did in rebuilding the earth. They've already proved that to me. Trust youth. Give them the tools they need to grow strong. And they will rebuild the world."

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