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France 2007
As guests of Defi du Trait Station Maine's ambassadors were treated to rowing, sailing, much music, and many fine meals in the homes of our French hosts. Crew members, who earned their way through a year of hard work, found work was, again, the universal language in making friends.

 2006 Album
A year in the life of Station Maine. How can we live in the prettiest place in the world without enjoying all that the midcoast offers? Tobogganing and Ice Carving broke up the steady winter rowing for Juniors and High School crews. Expeditions through the woods as well as on the shore helped us to know and love our coast. This year's highlight was the racing season, for which the crew trained arduously after school every day, training that included running and push-ups and ended with Hull's Ice Breaker in November.
 Building the Red Jacket - 2005
Core Cell Foam is a relatively new material and technique in boat building. It has a high strength to weight ratio, won't soak up water, and can't rot. More than half the boats currently being built in the United States are built of foam. The Marine Tech class of the Mid-Coast School of Technology built the Red Jacket out of this state of the art material, preparing them to join generations of Mainers in our boat building heritage. They also built the fabulous trailer from which Red Jacket was launched on May 21, 2005. Read about the launch.

 Lifeguard Training - 2005
The Watch Captains of Station Maine studied as lifeguards at the Penobscot Bay YMCA
in preparation for our anticipated expedition down the mighty Penobscot.
Winter - 2005
Winter involved a Junior's Mixer at the Y, continuing sail making,
and the never ending job of painting a wooden vessel.

Joie de Vivre (Joy of Life)
The heart of Station Maine's rowing program, Joie de Vivre (then unnamed) was sold to us unfinished by Wilmington Delaware with the stricture that she was to be put into use in a youth program. Time and trailer were donated by a generous friend to move her to her new home in Maine. We built a shed over her, and turned to with scrapers, paint, and wood under the direction or Rob Eddy and Sam Slaymaker. She was launched in the protected harbors of Rockland Harbor in June, 2003.

France 2004
The International Challenge for Youth Seamanship offered a unique opportunity for Station Maine to combine our crew with a crew of young French sailors. The venture could not have been more successful. As seamen, as friends, as contestants, and as ambassadores, the young people of Station Maine and Le Trait gave us all hope for a brighter tomorrow. (see Station Maine Reports from France)

 Italy 2003
Station Maine is committed to international exchange. When the young rowers of Genoa, Italy invited us to join them for a maritime festival, we jumped at the opportunity to row and sail with young people from France and Italy. We were splendidly hosted, taken on a traditional schooner, and even had the opportunity to play hacky sack in Piza. We returned the gesture of friendship in July when four Italian rowers joined us in Maine for three weeks of adventure that included receiving the key to the city of Rockland and sail making for Genoa's yet unfinished gig. (see Waging Peace)

Sailmaking 2002-2003
Joie de Vivre's sails were made from Oceanus sail cloth, donated for the project. Sailmaker Doug Pope instructed the sailmaking crew of Station Maine through the lofting, lay-out, and machine stitching. We then took the project to Master Sailmaker Nat Wilson for instruction in traditional hand work.
Winter 2002-2003
The winter of 2002-2003 was among the coldest in recent memory, with temperatures well below zero and chill factors well below that. With rare cancellations, the intrepid Station crew braved the elements at sunrise throughout the coldest weather. The cold of a Maine winter was no problem for Santa Claus and company either, seen here arriving to open the Christmas season in Rockland Harbor. (See Living the Good Life)


Juniors 2003
The Junior rowing team was born when Annie Nixon, a teacher at Ashwood Waldorf school, approached Station Maine to start a program for her class of 10 -12 year olds. Coached by Cassady Stonrati, the Juniors made us proud in their recent race against young rowers from Vinalhaven.


Fund raising
We do our youth no favor by handing them European vacations on a silver platter. The young rowers of Station Maine raise money in a variety of ways to pay for their adventures.

Rockland 2002
Station Maine came into existence in the spring of 2001 when Sev Slaymaker, a local teen, organized Team Maine for the purpose of participating in the International Contest of Seamanship, held that year in Rockland. Now, as Station Maine, we continue to participate in local and international sailing and rowing events.