Variable Star Nights
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Comet Johnson 2015 V2 on the night of 15-16 January 2017. See details.


Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on night of 10-11 February 2017. See details.


Icelandic Aurora on the night of 29-30 September 2016. See details and another picture.


Near-Earth asteroid 433 Eros passes close to M2, photographed on 30 August 2016. See details.


Spotless Sun, 3 July 2016. See details and larger image.


Bright Noctilucent Clouds, 3 and 23 June 2016. See details and larger images.


Large Sunspot, 24 May 2016. See details and larger image.


Transit of Mercury, 9 May 2016. See details and larger image.


Large near-Earth asteroid 2015 TB145 only 1.3 lunar distance away closest 31 Oct 2015. See full details and my animation.

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